Monday, December 15, 2008

15 Months

Last night Crawford woke up crying a few hours after we put him down to sleep, I went to see what was wrong, he stood in his crib with open arms. I rocked him back to sleep. As I looked at him I noticed how he didn't look like the little baby I put to sleep earlier that night. He looked so grown up. I just stared at him not believing how fast he is growing up. And today he is 15 Months Old! It's so hard to believe! He is all boy and is in to everything! He is really starting to talk but mainly just around Jacob and I. The one word he is not afraid to say around other people is Bye...especially if he is ready to go or is scared! As I pulled out all of our Christmas Decorations, we have several things that play music and talk...everything that made a noise, especially Santa and Tigger, he said bye until I turned them around so they were not facing him. He also blows them kisses which is his other way of telling you bye! It's so funny! Crawford now signs for Please. He has been signing more for a while but now he will do please and it is so cute. I will have to get it on video soon! He has become very independent which in a way I welcome except when it means that the yogurt ends up all over him instead of in him! He wants no help with the spoon and most of the time he holds the spoon but with his other hand scoops it out of the bowl and into his mouth! If I have my hand on his plate or anything that he decides he does not need help with he kindly leans over and pushes my hand away! He is walking, climbing, running(which as resulted in many falls) all over the place. He keeps on the go constantly! He loves playing peek-a-boo and chasing anyone that will let him. He LOVES reading books and just playing with them! He still is crazy over balls and his Red Wagon. He knows where his Tummy, Nose and Eyes are, and his polo pony! If we say 1 Crawford will say two. He loves to dance, especially to Yo Gabba Gabba!
Crawford's Vocabulary
Mama, Dada, Uh-Oh, Ball, Bye, Tank Cho(Thank you), Dare(There), Cheese, Bhaa (Boo), nose (while pointing to his nose or trying to pull off ours), Ooo - (Moo), Hey (really fast), Bubbles....(I am the only one who has witnessed this one but he says it and gets so excited), Mmmmm (is this a word) he says it when he is eating and it taste good! He will say it over and over, Shoe and Toes.
Below are a few pictures of Crawford from tonight before bed. There is even one of me and him together! We were playing with the puzzle and he would clap after every time he put a piece in.
Climbing on the Chair..His Favorite thing to do.

Playing with the puzzle

I got them...with a little help from Mommy

Playing with my Mommy

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Ella said...

Crawford looks like such a big boy in these pictures! We don't have babies anymore and we're quickly approaching the "Terrible Twos!"

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