Monday, June 29, 2009

Visiting with Jansen Rae Rutledge

Last week we met our friends Courtney and Justin and their new precious addition Jansen Rae!  Crawford did so good and he even offered her his crayons and did not even cry when I held her. Jansen is so adorable! I can’t wait until she gets a little bigger and can play with Crawford! It won’t be long!! We look forward to many more dates!

DSC_0080 copy

Hold on Tight Crawford!  DSC_0084 copy

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ella’s TWO!!!

It’s hard to believe Crawford’s friends are turning TWO and he is not far behind them! We celebrated Ella’s Birthday at Little Gym in Hickory and Crawford had a blast!! Jacob and I had a great time visiting with everyone and Mimi joined us and enjoyed watching Crawford play with friends! Ella was too cute! As she opened a gift she said “oh so cute”!

Birthday Ella Taylor 20090627_0010

Crawford starting the party off with a ROLL!

Birthday Ella Taylor 20090627_0011

A little tense after the roll, not sure what to think!

Birthday Ella Taylor 20090627_0014Birthday Ella Taylor 20090627_0017

Crawford’s Favorite Place! He was constantly running back to this and diving in head first! Birthday Pictures -Ella1

Crawford and I on the Air Track! He wasn’t sure at first if he liked it but once it was inflated we could not get him off!

Birthday Pictures -Ella

So Much to do here….we could play all day!

Birthday Pictures -Ella2Birthday Cake! Yum!!

Birthday Ella Taylor 20090627_0006Ella and Crawford

Birthday Ella Taylor 20090627_0019Singing Happy Birthday to Sweet Ella!

Birthday Ella Taylor 20090627_0005  Birthday Ella Taylor 20090627_0008Crawford watching Ella open presents…wishing he could play with them! We had a meltdown when he saw Thomas!         Birthday Ella Taylor 20090627_0009Happy Birthday Ella! We enjoyed celebrating TWO with YOU!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy Father’s Day

We spent Father’s Day at the doctors office! This post is a week late because poor Crawford has been sick for the past week! We spent Mother’s Day last year in the doctors office and Father’s Day this Year!

We just wanted to Wish Jacob and Pop Pop a Very Happy Father’s Day! They are the best in the World! Unfortunately since Crawford was sick and I have been exhausted I did not have any pictures on Father’s Days. Here are a few Recent of Jacob and Crawford and a not so recent of Pop Pop but  a favorite!


Crawford & Poppy2 

We Love you! Thanks for all that you do!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sick Day …. or Week

Last Wednesday I took Crawford to the doctor for what we thought was only an ear infection. He had a temperature of 103. We left and got worse rather than better, by Thursday night he had a temp. of 105, and never really got better through out the weekend. So….After having a fever for 5 days and going to the doctor 3 times, we went to see Dr. Alsup yesterday to get his opinion. He took one look and said Crawford’s tonsils look horrible! He took a strep test but so far it is negative. We are waiting a call tomorrow to see what it shows! Crawford was feverless today but very uncomfortable! I could see his tonsils and they are HUGE! Poor thing! He has not really ate in 4 days. We tried giving him this push up pop that he loved a few weekends ago….but I think it gave him brain freeze!! :-)

I have a lot of  to post I am behind on…..most importantly Father’s Day!! Promise to have it in the next few days! Although it was not too exciting since we spent it at the doctors office!! :-) I guess Crawford and Jacob did have quality time on Father’s day in the doctors office!


Oh Yeah…. and on an exciting note…..I got to meet Mr.. Ralph Lauren yesterday!! Well shake hands for like 1 second but it was still very exciting!!  Check back this week. I plan on catching up on my post!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Pool Time & 21 Months

Saturday we took Crawford to the pool. We had such a great time! Crawford played in the baby pool and the “Big” pool. The boys played golf while Crawford and the girls hung out by the pool.

DSC_0224 copy 21 Months!!

Our little boy is 21 Months Old! Wow! Where has the time gone???? He is so much fun right now! However, every now and then the almost 2 comes out in him. Those moments are few and far between the good times! Crawford is learning so much. He still loves balls, trains, golf clubs, did I say balls, trucks, BUBBLES, books, his blanket (which he calls night night). He LOVES to be outside! He loves to ride on Grammy and Pop Pop’s golf cart! He loves for us to read him books. He is learning so much, he surprises us with something new every day! He says new words that we don’t even tell him, and words that we have tried and tried to get him to say…well….he is holding out on those for now! The word No is his most used word! He says it at least 100 times a day even if he doesn’t mean it. He says it so clear and loud and when he says yes he whispers it!

He gives the best kisses and hugs. He will just run up to me and give me a hug and pat my back! He loves to cuddle especially with mommy!! Yesterday when I dropped him off at school he gave me a kiss and ran off to play. While it is such a good feeling that he is so happy at school and that he does not care that I am leaving….it was all I could do to get out in the hall so he didn’t see me tear up! This afternoon when I picked him up he was in the hall playing…he looked up and saw me and ran into my arms! Oh what a good feeling after a long day at work! On our way home he says da.da…the entire time…for the entire 30 minute ride!

All I can say is this song by Darius Rucker is so true! I can’t believe how fast time is going by! I just want to hold on to these days forever! These times are so precious! We are having the time of our life! Crawford brings a smile to so many peoples face! We love him so much! In three short months he will be 2! Wow!! Turn off the music at the bottom of the page to listen if you haven't heard it (i am sure most have...but its still good to hear again)!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tweetsie & Thomas

Jacob, Crawford and I went to Tweetsie with our friends Cory, Mandy and Ella. We had such a great time. There was so much to do there we could have stayed much longer however naps were needed by all of us! :-) Thomas the train has become Crawford’s favorite thing! So it was so exciting to take him to see Thomas! Below are a few pictures from our day of fun with Thomas and our friends!




Tweetsie20090608_0005Tweetsie20090608_0001Crawford and Jacob driving! Crawford is not too interested in driving which is shocking! I think he was overwhelmed with all that was going on.Tweetsie20090608_0002

Cory, Mandy & Ella on the Chair lift up to the little train and petting zoo. Tweetsie20090608_0003

Sweet Ella Feeding Crawford a Goldfish!


I stole this picture from Ella’s blog! I could not get my camera out fast enough and they were on the ground 2 seconds after this shot!

e c_hugging

Me and Crawford with the horse. I could not get him to look up for a picture all day! He was just too overwhelmed. Jacob and Crawford are waiting on the train!

Tweetsie20090608_0007 Tweetsie20090608_0006

Ella and Crawford holding hands (lasted only for a quick second but was too cute). They are playing in the water and loving it. They were both soaking wet by the end!

Tweetsie20090608_0008 Tweetsie20090608_0009

Below the the cutest Chocolate covered marshmallows and Crawford blowing his Thomas Whistle!

Tweetsie20090608_0010 Tweetsie20090608_0011

The next three pictures make me laugh. The first one Crawford is watching Ella eat the train wishing he had it. The next he is checking out his wondering if he can eat it! The third Ella let Crawford have a bite of her train! Tweetsie20090608_0012



What a long day but a FUN day! Crawford was asleep before we got on the main road home, but look he is still holding on to his Thomas Whistle!!


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Visit with Uncle Ryan and WS Firefighters

  Uncle Ryan was working this past Saturday so Jacob and I took Crawford to see him and the Big Red Truck! Crawford LOVES trucks! Every time we pass one on the road he yells “TRUCK”. We had a good visit and then Crawford spotted the bounce house! He had a blast playing in it but I was paranoid the entire time. He was by far the youngest kid in it and all the other kids were walking all over him. I thought for sure he would get hurt. Little did I know he was not in the least bit scared. He crawled to the top and went down the slide. The top had to be over 10 feet. He was having so much fun and would not come out! Every time I would grab him to leave he would start crying. Finally we convinced him to go drive the fire truck! Crawford_Ryan20090606_0001 Crawford_Ryan20090606_0003Crawford_Ryan20090606_0002Crawford_Ryan20090606_0006Crawford_Ryan20090606_0005  Crawford_Ryan20090606_0004

Monday, June 1, 2009

Enjoying an Ice Pop!

Crawford Eating Ice Pop3 Crawford Eating Ice Pop Crawford Eating Ice Pop2

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