Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tweetsie & Thomas

Jacob, Crawford and I went to Tweetsie with our friends Cory, Mandy and Ella. We had such a great time. There was so much to do there we could have stayed much longer however naps were needed by all of us! :-) Thomas the train has become Crawford’s favorite thing! So it was so exciting to take him to see Thomas! Below are a few pictures from our day of fun with Thomas and our friends!




Tweetsie20090608_0005Tweetsie20090608_0001Crawford and Jacob driving! Crawford is not too interested in driving which is shocking! I think he was overwhelmed with all that was going on.Tweetsie20090608_0002

Cory, Mandy & Ella on the Chair lift up to the little train and petting zoo. Tweetsie20090608_0003

Sweet Ella Feeding Crawford a Goldfish!


I stole this picture from Ella’s blog! I could not get my camera out fast enough and they were on the ground 2 seconds after this shot!

e c_hugging

Me and Crawford with the horse. I could not get him to look up for a picture all day! He was just too overwhelmed. Jacob and Crawford are waiting on the train!

Tweetsie20090608_0007 Tweetsie20090608_0006

Ella and Crawford holding hands (lasted only for a quick second but was too cute). They are playing in the water and loving it. They were both soaking wet by the end!

Tweetsie20090608_0008 Tweetsie20090608_0009

Below the the cutest Chocolate covered marshmallows and Crawford blowing his Thomas Whistle!

Tweetsie20090608_0010 Tweetsie20090608_0011

The next three pictures make me laugh. The first one Crawford is watching Ella eat the train wishing he had it. The next he is checking out his wondering if he can eat it! The third Ella let Crawford have a bite of her train! Tweetsie20090608_0012



What a long day but a FUN day! Crawford was asleep before we got on the main road home, but look he is still holding on to his Thomas Whistle!!


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