Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Visit with Uncle Ryan and WS Firefighters

  Uncle Ryan was working this past Saturday so Jacob and I took Crawford to see him and the Big Red Truck! Crawford LOVES trucks! Every time we pass one on the road he yells “TRUCK”. We had a good visit and then Crawford spotted the bounce house! He had a blast playing in it but I was paranoid the entire time. He was by far the youngest kid in it and all the other kids were walking all over him. I thought for sure he would get hurt. Little did I know he was not in the least bit scared. He crawled to the top and went down the slide. The top had to be over 10 feet. He was having so much fun and would not come out! Every time I would grab him to leave he would start crying. Finally we convinced him to go drive the fire truck! Crawford_Ryan20090606_0001 Crawford_Ryan20090606_0003Crawford_Ryan20090606_0002Crawford_Ryan20090606_0006Crawford_Ryan20090606_0005  Crawford_Ryan20090606_0004

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