Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sick Day …. or Week

Last Wednesday I took Crawford to the doctor for what we thought was only an ear infection. He had a temperature of 103. We left and got worse rather than better, by Thursday night he had a temp. of 105, and never really got better through out the weekend. So….After having a fever for 5 days and going to the doctor 3 times, we went to see Dr. Alsup yesterday to get his opinion. He took one look and said Crawford’s tonsils look horrible! He took a strep test but so far it is negative. We are waiting a call tomorrow to see what it shows! Crawford was feverless today but very uncomfortable! I could see his tonsils and they are HUGE! Poor thing! He has not really ate in 4 days. We tried giving him this push up pop that he loved a few weekends ago….but I think it gave him brain freeze!! :-)

I have a lot of  to post I am behind on…..most importantly Father’s Day!! Promise to have it in the next few days! Although it was not too exciting since we spent it at the doctors office!! :-) I guess Crawford and Jacob did have quality time on Father’s day in the doctors office!


Oh Yeah…. and on an exciting note…..I got to meet Mr.. Ralph Lauren yesterday!! Well shake hands for like 1 second but it was still very exciting!!  Check back this week. I plan on catching up on my post!

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