Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ella’s TWO!!!

It’s hard to believe Crawford’s friends are turning TWO and he is not far behind them! We celebrated Ella’s Birthday at Little Gym in Hickory and Crawford had a blast!! Jacob and I had a great time visiting with everyone and Mimi joined us and enjoyed watching Crawford play with friends! Ella was too cute! As she opened a gift she said “oh so cute”!

Birthday Ella Taylor 20090627_0010

Crawford starting the party off with a ROLL!

Birthday Ella Taylor 20090627_0011

A little tense after the roll, not sure what to think!

Birthday Ella Taylor 20090627_0014Birthday Ella Taylor 20090627_0017

Crawford’s Favorite Place! He was constantly running back to this and diving in head first! Birthday Pictures -Ella1

Crawford and I on the Air Track! He wasn’t sure at first if he liked it but once it was inflated we could not get him off!

Birthday Pictures -Ella

So Much to do here….we could play all day!

Birthday Pictures -Ella2Birthday Cake! Yum!!

Birthday Ella Taylor 20090627_0006Ella and Crawford

Birthday Ella Taylor 20090627_0019Singing Happy Birthday to Sweet Ella!

Birthday Ella Taylor 20090627_0005  Birthday Ella Taylor 20090627_0008Crawford watching Ella open presents…wishing he could play with them! We had a meltdown when he saw Thomas!         Birthday Ella Taylor 20090627_0009Happy Birthday Ella! We enjoyed celebrating TWO with YOU!!

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