Sunday, May 18, 2008

Lions and Tigers and Babies....Oh My

We could not have picked a prettier day to go to the Zoo. The weather was beautiful. What a perfect day. We were looking forward to meeting Pamela, Terry and Skylar for our big adventure....Well until I applied Sunscreen to Crawford's Face, which ended up in his eyes somehow. You would not believe that he really never Cried. We would have never known that it had gotten into his eyes until they started to swell and his face started to breakout all over. This happened as we were walking into the Zoo. After going to the First Aid Center which was absolute no help, Jacob went to get Crawford some Benadryl. I washed Crawford's face off, thinking it would help but it didn't seem to do the trick. He looked so pitiful but he still never cried.

Beginning of the Zoo Adventure

Crawford now has Benadryl in him and is getting better. His eyes are still swollen in this pictures. Skylar and him are ready to see the animals!
Mommy and Crawford in front of the Bears
Daddy and Crawford in front of the bears.
Where is Crawford? Yes, he is under the hat. He would not lean back. I guess he thought he would miss something!
Still Sleeping
This Zoo stuff is hard work!!
No Sleeping for Mr. Skylar!
Ok, I'm awake now, lets go to Africa!
Mommy and Crawford on the Carousel. He did great. It went faster than I thought it would. I just knew he was going to start screaming! He smiled the entire time!
Family picture in front of the Elephants.
Mom and Dad, I have had enough!!

The post below has the slide show of the Animals. I could not get it to work in this post!

By the way! A lot more than our Zoo excursion happened this weekend!! Crawford is now officially a crawler and we had a lower his crib b/c he was pulling up! Let's just say it was a busy weekend for us! I plan to upload the video of him crawling tomorrow!

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Terry - Pamela - Skylar - Ralph said...

We had so much fun and your pictures turned out so well. All of ours looked so blurry! Clearly, we do not know how to take pictures, ha! Let's plan another play date soon!

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