Sunday, November 29, 2009

It’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas….

On Saturday we decided to make a Ginger Bread Train bright and early! Crawford was under the weather for most of the Thanksgiving break with a cold and it seems as if we have all caught it! You can tell by his little face below he is not feeling like his normal self. So I thought a little sugar and a train might help him! Well….lets just say those ginger bread houses are harder than they look and a 2 year old would rather do it ALL by himself than to let his Mommy Help!

Below are a few pictures…..

I had to give him two packs of crackers and cheese just to keep him from eating the train and candy!


Mommy’s little helper!


I think if I lick the Candy it might help it stick!!!! 


Finished product…Mommy gave up and decided to let Crawford do what ever he wanted. Well…He wanted to eat it!!!


Here Mommy, You try it! It’s really Good!


If I learned anything from this experience it was to be patient and everything does not have to be perfect! Once I let Crawford do what ever he wanted we had much more fun! Who cares if it doesn’t look like the one on the box! I think they painted that one on anyway! And I know they didn’t use the supplies that came with the box! We had so much fun at 7 AM on Saturday! I couldn’t think of anything else I would rather be doing at that time! :-)


It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas at our house ! 1 Big tree, 2 mini trees and 3 to go! We should be all decorated by the end of the week! A big Thank you to my mom for coming in town to help me! And Crawford is actually a big help also! He loves to put the decorations on the tree! We made him a tree of his own this to come! As much as Crawford LOVES to help decorate the tree he loves to take the decorations of as well! All of the Balls on the tree are HIS! Good thing they are not breakable this year!

Crawford helping decorate the tree…more pictures to come!


Please keep my Mimi in your prayers…..she recently had a stroke last week and now is back in the hospital with possible pneumonia! We were able to spend a nice Thanksgiving with her and she had seemed to have recovered from the stroke. Hopefully she will be back to normal soon!


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