Monday, November 16, 2009

A few updated post below

I finally updated the blog. Scroll down to Halloween and the Lazy Five Ranch!

Things are going good for us, just really busy! Crawford is 26 Months and in full force! He makes me laugh every day! It’s amazing how funny 2 year olds can be! We have started potty training …well kind of! They have started at school so Crawford is becoming interested.  We got him a Thomas Potty so every time he needs to go he says Choo Choo Pee Pee! :-) He gets so excited after he goes. It’s so cute!

Bedtime has gotten so much better, he for the most part is going to bed on his own. After prayers and a book and a few rounds of him begging us to lay down he goes to sleep on his own! He even kicked me out of his room this past weekend telling me bye bye and shutting the door. I checked on him a few minutes later and he was fast asleep!

He is using his words so much more now! Forming sentences! Some we cannot understand but they mean something to him! His most used phrase right now is Not Nice, I don’t like that! He told it to a little girl at school the other day when I picked him up. She had pinched him right when I walked in.

This weekend I was in the Kitchen and he was riding his scooter around the house! He fell off and he yelled and pointed to the scooter “not nice”!

and then …… it was poring rain the other day and very windy. Our umbrella flipped inside out on the way to the car and the rain was poring on us! He said Not Nice Wa Wa…Not nice the entire ride home!

He even told Pop Pop not nice when he was playing with him!

So needless to say Not Nice is used a lot these days!

Crawford is saying so much more but one other phrase he likes to say is one more! However he doesn’t know that one more means only one more or maybe he does know and is testing me! He will keep saying it over and over until he gets one more and one more and one more after that! it’s so funny but at times can drive you crazy! If he doesn’t get one more than that results in a normal 2 year old tantrum! Wow, those can be intense sometimes! But just as the tantrums come so do the random hugs and kisses without being asked! It can be so rewarding after a long day!

So far Crawford does not want a brother or a sister! I hope he will one day! I don’t think he really understands and he says no to anything he doesn’t understand!

I am 15 weeks pregnant and still feeling much better! It’s harder the 2nd time I think! Mainly b/c of the 2 year old stuck to my hip! But I wouldn’t trade that for a minute! He melts my heart!



Hope everyone has a great week!

XOXO, The Elrod’s

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