Thursday, February 3, 2011

Favorite Things (home Made)

My most favorite things EVER are my Homemade things by the kids.

Below are a couple!

Canvas ....we did this at Christmas and I still have not taken it down. We saw this at a friends house! I mis-judged and we kind of ran out of room! But Hey...I still Love it!

I will be replacing this one with another one soon and saving this one to put up at Christmas each year. Until then I will leave this up! It's such an easy project and inexpensive! Michaels usually has a sale buy one get one free on their canvas!

DSC 0903

Crawford made this for me at School one year. (or should I say his teacher's did) Just love it. It has a battery operated candle in it. I leave this out through winter!


DSC 0904

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