Monday, July 27, 2009

22 Months

We are having so much fun at 22 Months! Crawford is such a ham and he knows it! He definitely coming more and more out of his shell.He is putting more words together and his forming 2 & 3 word sentences. :-) Eat Mama, Eat Dada, No Mama, No Dada, No dog, bye truck, hey truck, mine jeep, my night night, thank you pop pop, eat neigh, draw mama, my draw, my bike, dada truck, my truck, bye truck…..are a few of his latest sentences! He constantly talks around Jacob and I, sometimes getting really frustrated when he can’t exactly tell us what he wants. He does a good job of pointing and crying until we frantically figure it out!  He is starting to learn the alphabet and counts to 3. He still LOVES to cuddle with Mommy! Every night and morning he snuggles up with me and rubs my hair! He cries if I try to get up to get ready to work! He loves drawing on anything and everything (I learned this the hard way). He absolutely would rather be outside than anywhere else. He loves his jeep and bike! He loves to play with molly even though Molly doesn’t feel the same! He pulls her tail which she hates. If Crawford is near the door Molly will not come inside. I have to get Crawford away before she will even consider coming in.

Below are a few of his favorite toys

We do not go far with out Thomas! Often times he wants to take him to sleep! It’s amazing to me house fast they become attach to things.


He loves to play with his golf clubs…he has the set below and a real set that Pop Pop got him!


He loves to play with his tee ball set. He got the one below for his birthday last year. It’s great for his age! It came from target. It blows up so everything is soft. So when he tries to bop me on the head it doesn’t hurt!

21lsFg%2BJuPL__SL500_AA250_  The three men with this set…go everywhere with his. Crawford calls them “Hat” and he wants all 3. He goes around yelling “hat..hat…hat”51SjtosHnML__SL500_AA280_

Jeep….enough said, you can tell from our previous post….he is in love with this thing. I plan on putting a video up soon of him driving!  pTRU1-4025068reg These are just a few of his favorites!

I say it every month…but these 22 months have been the best months of our life! Crawford brings so much joy to us and everyone he is around! He is loved so much! He has taught us so much about life in his short time with us! A day does not go by that he doesn’t make us laugh!

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Terry - Pamela - Skylar - Ralph said...

We are definitely coming over to your house to play with yours, I mean Crawford's toys, haha. Tell Crawford that Skylar wants a ride in his Jeep or tractor.

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