Sunday, July 26, 2009

Driving…Driving and More Driving!


Crawford loves to Drive….his jeep…his bike….and his tractor! He Can drive so good with no help at all! He can turn, put it in reverse, and weave around anything. We are surprised he can drive so good! I think he already drives better than his dad!

DSC_0099He also loves Riding the Golf Cart! Grammy and Pop Pop took him for a ride and they picked me flowers!! So Sweet!!  DSC_0117Jacob taking Crawford for a ride on his Bike!  DSC_0074

The Jeep!!! He says jeep from the minute we get in the car in the mornings and as soon as we pull up in the afternoon! Jeep…Jeep…Jeep! He loves it!


Uncle Ryan is making Crawford Laugh!


Uncle Ryan is worn out after playing with Crawford….Crawford is not done!! He is trying to help him get up and play some more!


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Larissa Malestein said...

Great to see a picture of Nancy and Tommy again!

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