Sunday, January 24, 2010

Life is CRAZY or am I????

Wow!!!! Things are so crazy for us! Other than the fact that I turned 30 last week and Jacob planned a sweet surprise dinner for me...nothing has been calm since. Not sure if that is what 30 is about or not??? So I am 24 Weeks pregnant with a two year old, working full time, digging in to the photography stuff, selling thirty-one, and on top of all of that we are buying a house and trying to sell ours!!!!!!!! Can you say Stressful!!! Anyone want a house in Winston-Salem?????

So at the moment I am so overwhelmed but know that it will all work out and be worth it!!! I am thankful that we will be in our new house before Caroline arrives but hope that our house will sale quickly!

So basically the picture below sums up how busy and crazy our life is right now!!
I plan on posting pictures from my birthday sometime.....For my birthday I got a Mac Computer!!!! Which I LOVE! but have not exactly learned how to use! and from above you can tell I don't really have time!!! I promise to keep this updated soon and to have birthday pictures up as well!!!! If I can just get through the next few weeks and if anyone wants to come de-clutter my house and clean it!!! Feel Free!!!


The Presnell's said...

I think you're crazy, but I always thought that. LOL! :) Let us know when it gets closer to the time of moving if you guys need help. Terry has his truck and we definitely moved a lot in the past 9 years with the military life and all. :)

Larissa said...

Happy birthday! (a little late, but I didn't know). If I would live close by, I would LOVE to come clean your house, I love cleaning, haha.

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