Sunday, January 3, 2010

21 weeks

Well…I am so behind on Christmas post, hopefully I will fit them in this week! I thought I should at least post a belly picture, since I haven’t so far. Caroline is growing by the minute or at least I hope she is because I sure am! I feel my belly getting bigger every day! Wow, it happens a lot faster the 2nd time! Crawford is grasping the concept of a baby better now! He points to my Tummy and says baby and he likes to Kiss my tummy! When we put all of the Christmas decorations up today we got all the baby stuff out to begin the nursery! Crawford played on the baby toys all day, and every time I said those are for the baby, he looked at me as serious as he could and NO….not babies….mine!! So ……we have a little ways to go on working this out! He sat in the baby seat all day!!! If  I would have known it would occupy him for so long, I would have brought it up weeks ago! He played in it for at least an hour! That’s a record at our house for playing with one toy! I think he did it because I called it the babies! We have so much going on in the next few weeks and somewhere in between it all I plan on redecorating Crawford’s room into a Big Boy room! We have ordered his new bed and bedding. I can’t wait to see the finished room!  Next I will be working on Caroline’s which I believe Jacob is going to go Crazy when I have to find a place for all of the stuff in our guest bedroom!! We are running out of places to store things!!

We will be 22 weeks this week. Caroline is kicking like Crazy! I have had heart burn so bad and my back already hurts! But other than that everything is going just great! The sickness is over and I don’t think I have time to be tired anymore!!! Too much to do! As usual, I take on way more than I can handle and on top of everything I decided to start the book twilight which I haven’t been able to put down! I thought I would be finished yesterday  but unexpectingly Crawford cried most of the way home yesterday from Ashville, which made it near impossible to read!!! I don’t lack much though so I hope to squeeze it in soon!

I promise to post some Christmas Pictures soon, we had so much fun this year and can’t believe next year Caroline will be with us!!!!




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