Sunday, June 1, 2008

Birthday's Galore

It seems like May is the Month of Birthday's and this week we celebrated three! :-) First Papa's, then Uncle Adams and Gigi's (which is actually in June but we celebrated it this Saturday. We hope everyone had a very Happy Birthday. Kaitlyn's birthday is tomrrow! Happy Happy Birthday Kaitlyn. We love you all!
Below are a few pictures from Gigi's Birthday Party (Gigi is what Granny wants Crawford to call her). She is Crawford's Great Granny!

Us with Gigi at her 92nd birthday party! I hope
I am doing this good when I am 92 Years old.
Crawford and Papa
Gigi and Crawford
Bring me Cake!!!
Crawford with his Great Great Aunt Becky!!
Crawford and his Great Aunt Ila and Uncle Wiley
Crawford with Cousin Mark
Casey and Ryan(ryan had knee surgery on Friday is and doing great)
Crawford with Grammy and Papa
Crawford playing on a toy that was his dad's when he was a little boy.

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