Sunday, June 22, 2008

Growing up Fast

We had a great weekend. Jacob went to Charleston for a bachelor party and Crawford and I visited with Mimi, friends and family. I took a few days off from work so we could have a long visit. Below are a few pictures from the weekend and a few fun facts about Crawford.
9 Facts about Crawford
1. He has 2 Teeth and he knows how to use them
2. He can say Da.da.(he wakes up saying this and goes to sleep saying it), Hey, Ma.Ma(only when he cries)
3. He is starting to wave bye bye (only when he wants to, usually when the person he is waving to is not looking).
4. He does the chicken dance with his dancing chicken (only when he wants to, not when mommy wants him to show someone). I catch him doing it when he does not know I am watching him.
5. He Loves taking a bath. He thinks it is the pool and he splashes and splashes until I am soaking wet.
6. He is a speed crawler.
7. He is pulling up
8. He loves to hear people laugh
9. He is the love of our life. We do not know what we did without him! He makes everyone around him smile!

Look what I can do! I can hold my bottle!
Crawford loves his new travel chair. It is perfect to take when we go out of town.
Some one is not happy. How could I not take a picture of that pitiful face?
I am eating a Blueberry Muffin and I love it!!
Mimi and Crawford
Cousin Mark and Allison with Crawford
I need a picture of Crawford and Beth. The one I took did not turn out to good. Beth was in town for a few days from Utah. We wish we could have spent more time with her.
Crawford has more toys than he could possibly know what to do with but he would rather move his high chair across the room and play with the vacuum.

Look! I can pull myself up!!

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