Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Crawford Update

Crawford is doing much better today! It's amazing how one day of antibiotics can make a difference. Not sure how the ears look, but his eyes and nose are better! We are hoping to get to see Dr. Alsup this week. We want to get his opinion as to what Crawford needs. We are all for tubes if that is what he needs but we just want to make sure that is what he needs.

When I took Crawford to daycare today, he practically jumped out of my hands. It was the cutest thing ever. I love sitting and watching him interact with the other children. One little boy crawled over to Crawford and they both starting squealing and crawled off together. They had their first birthday party today. The kids had animal cracker's and the birthday boy had a cup cake. Crawford's teacher said he could not take his eyes off of the cup cake!

Below are a few picture from tonight. We had a horrible rain storm so we were stuck inside. I decided to take a few pictures.
Someone is sleepy
Our little boy is growing up....He has started eating table food. His favorite meal by far is a Jelly(sugar-free) sandwich cut up into tiny pieces. It is the only thing has ate so far that has not missed his mouth. Usually I will find 1/2 of his meal in his chair. But he loves his Jelly sandwich!!!
While Jacob and I were eating dinner, Crawford crawled underneath the table. We thought for sure he would bump his head, but he fit perfect.
Crawford loves Water!! He tries to swim in the bath tub and he has learned to blow bubbles in the water! I keep telling him the water is dirty and No...but he thinks it's funny! So do I but I don't show it! His favorite thing to do is play with the water as we are filling the bath tub up.


Summer, Justin, & Blake said...

Hi! I actually got Blake's birthday tee from Marshall's of all places! It was a very random find and was like $3.99!!

The Schwant Family said...

I can't believe Crawford is almost one! These boys grow up so fast! I can't wait to see what you do for his party! :)
Glad we have the same camera b/c you always have great pictures!

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