Sunday, August 1, 2010

I Blinked

Caroline and Crawford are growing like weeds. I feel like I blink and they get bigger! I am having so much fun with them. Life is crazier than ever right now but were having fun and trying to soak up every moment...even the bad ones! :-) I never realized how easy one was until I had two! I wouldn't trade it for the world but it is so different. I took Crawford to a Birthday party on Saturday! I decided to bring Caroline along as well. Wow!!! was that hard. She cried towards the end and he didn't want to leave. So at one time they were both crying. I wanted to just crawl under the table. It was pouring rain outside. I ended up holding Crawford in one arm and Caroline in her carrier in the other arm in the rain! Thank goodness Melissa was there to carry my diaper bag. They both cried all the way home which was a 30 minute ride! The good thing is Crawford had so much fun playing with his friends from his old school!

Caroline is 3 months and the happiest baby! She smiles so much and it's contagious! She coo's when we talk to her! I feel so blessed and I love to see how sweet Crawford is to her. The very first thing he says when he wakes up is "where is my baby", he wants to kiss her first thing and then I can not count how many times he actually kisses her throughout the day! She recognizes his voice and will smile when she hears it! Caroline looks around observing everything. She still has a head full of hair but seems to be losing some of it.









Crawford is 2 Years and 10 1/2 Months and is SO much fun! He has me laughing 99% of the day and 1% of the day yelling!

His laughter is contagious! He is the sweetest little boy! From the time he wakes up until the time he goes to bed he has me laughing. The only time I am not laughing is during the 3 year old terrible melt downs but lately those aren't so bad! He says the funniest things and remembers everything. Sometimes he talks to me like I am the child and he is the adult! He is so very smart or at least we think he is! He still loves Golf ...wanting to play everyday! We are still potty training. He is doing very good. We were almost there but regressed right after Caroline arrived. But were back on track now! I am still paranoid to venture out in public without a pull-up but were getting there making short trips to places to test him!


I took these pictures off of Treyton's mom's Facebook page.

Below is Treyton, Crawford and Hagan at Brady's Birthday party.

These boys went to school together but now all three go somewhere different. They have seen each other in months but can pick back up like it was yesterday.

It was so good to see the boys parents and catch up! I enjoyed the friendships we made while they were in school together!


Hagan, Brady (birthday boy) & Crawford


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