Sunday, February 15, 2009

Praying for My Mimi!

Friday My Mimi had what we think is to be a stroke. Not sure yet, b/c they are still running test, however she is in the hospital and it has affected her speech! I am praying that everything will be ok and she will get her speech back! She means the world to me! My only Grandmother I have ever known and we are very close! She has been through so much and always manages to make a full recovery! So in your prayers tonight say an extra one for my Mimi!!

Here is a picture of her and Crawford playing last weekend! I meant to put this on that post! She is trying to teach Crawford how to blow on the little noise maker she had in her room. He wanted to chew on it rather than blow! Too Cute! She loves for him to come visit and then she shows him off to all of her friends!

1 comment:

Ella said...


So sorry to hear about your grandmother! I hope she is recovering well! Please keep me updated! She's in my prayers.

Mandy :)

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