Sunday, February 8, 2009

Another Great Weekend

We had a great weekned. While Jacob enjoyed a weekend with the guys, Crawford and I headed to Hickory to spend time with Mimi (my mom). We always have such a great time. We went to Ashville for the day on Saturday to see visit my Mimi! She loved showing Crawford off to everyone in the retirement home! We had dinner with Aunt Vicki and Uncle Gary on our way home! Crawford did great the entire day especially considering the two molers have still not come through and he has another front tooth coming in! Wow, lets just say things have not been so easy the last few weeks with these teeth coming in!
Here are a few pictures from the weekend!
Daddy Just drove up! Crawford was so excited to see him!

Blowing Molly Kisses

Crawford crawled up on my lap at Mimi's on Friday and went straight to sleep! He was worn out from playing!

This picture makes me laugh so hard. I am constantly asking Crawford where is mommy, where is daddy, etc....., So I thought I would ask where is Mimi, he pointed up like I just asked a stupied question! While we were at Mimi's we found a picture of Jacob's parents and brother's. I held it up to Crawford and he pointed to everyone as I said there name!

Getting ready to take a nice little nap!

Enjoying a dinner with Aunt Vicki, Uncle Gary and Mimi!

Playing with Mommy's toys

We had such a great time! Thanks Mom for having us!!
Crawford is learning his animal sounds! He has the dog down we are moving on to the duck, which instead of quack quack he says duck duck! And he loves Cats even though we do not have one and have not really been around them but we do talk about them in some of his books. He saw some kittens in my mom's backyard this weekend! He started yelling Cat...Cat... He was so excited!

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