Saturday, January 31, 2009

Updated ** Praying for Tuesday

Sat. Jan. 31st.
The first thing I did this morning after getting Crawford settle was check Tuesday's blog. I just could not get her or her family out of my mind. I was so sad to hear she had lost the battle of cancer yesterday! I am so thankful she will no longer suffer but my heart goes out to her family!! It's amazing to me how we are drawn to something like this and yearn to know more! However we don't really want to know more when it ends like this. I believe there is a reason! This little girl was put on earth for a reason. She was a gift from God and has touched so many strangers lives. I saw that she had 600 comments on the post this morning. 600 to which most were complete strangers! She has definitely touched mine in the short time I have read her story. She makes me think twice about my purpose in life. She makes me want to do more. She makes me feel so Thankful for all that I have and for my healthy child! She makes me want to take that extra time at night to be with Crawford rather than fold laundry, to not worry about the little things and to not take life for granted for one minute! Click on the link to see the sweet video of her dancing with her twin sister! I bet she dancing with the angels in heaven now!

Instead of being upset with Crawford when he pitches a fit, I will be thankful that I have him here with me to pitch the fit. When he is clingy and wants to be held. I will hold him and cherish the time I have with him. I will savor every hug, kiss, giggle and day I have with him!

Friday Jan. 30th
Well I have not been able to get little Tuesday out of my mind today! During lunch today I got on her blog to see if it was updated. I cried and cried! If you are going to read it consider yourself warned. I sat at my desk wanting to leave and scoop up Crawford and just hold him and hug him! While rocking him tonight I did not want to put him in his crib. I just held him while he slept so peacefully in my arms. I can't get Tuesday out of mind or her parents, her brothers and twin sister who know their sister is dying! I pray for a miracle and strength for their family! And then I start reading and reading about other babies with Cancer. There is Cora. A sweet little girl who has cancer as well! Oh how she breaks my heart. I Cried and Cried with her story as well. I know there are so many stories like the both of these! I am asking who ever reads this to please pray for these sweet children and their families! I am! I thought having a child had changed my outlook on life! Crawford has taught me to live in the moment, to enjoy the time we have with each other because it does go by so fast! After reading these stories these children have opened my eyes even more, to how lucky we are! We often take our health for granted! I can't imagine what these families are going through! I pray for strength for them to get through the battle they are going through! I pray they will continue to have faith! I do believe in God and I do believe he can heal! I hope they will continue to believe in this!

Thursday Jan. 29th
Wow! After reading this blog, you can't help but tear up. We have so much to be thankful for and are so lucky to have a healthy child. It's amazing how much we take for granted! I pray that Crawford will stay healthy and I now will be praying for Tuesday! I absolutely can not imagine what these parents are going through! I get upset and worried and feel helpless when Crawford has an ear infection or does not sleep through the night. I could not imagine how they are feeling and holding it together and also raising there other children! Tuesday is also a Twin! My thoughts and prayers go out to them! I know you will feel the same way when you read their story! Click on the picture below!

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