Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I love you more each day, more than yesterday, less than tomorrow!

3 Years ago today we were becoming a family of Two! It was one of the best days of my life! It's hard to believe we are a family of three now and even harder to believe that Jacob and I have been together 9 1/2 years! Some days it feels like we met yesterday and sometimes it feels like forever. :-) Our Wedding day was such a special day and we were so excited to have all of our friends and family with us! I have included a few of my favorite pictures below. These are from our photographer Doug Rice at Allure Photography. He does such a great job.
Jacob and the his boys! This is such an incredible group of boys who instantly accepted me! I have had so much fun getting to know them through the years and definitely know why Jacob is so close with them! My wish for Crawford is that he will have such a great group of friends like Jacob and I do!

Me with my sisters Bailee and Kaitlyn who in just three years are so much older! Bailee is driving and Kaitlyn is on her way to driving!

Jacob and I with the Guys.

I just love this picture of my sisters (Bailee and Kaitlyn) and flower girls (Rebecca and Julie)

Me and my Group of girls! What Great friends! I am so lucky to have such great friends and was so glad they could be part of our big day! Now if I could only see them more frequently! My Goal for this year is to make it happen!

Me and My Mom (my rock). This was such a fun day to share with her. We had so much fun planning the wedding together! She has done so much for me through out the years! She is not only my mom but my best friend! We are so Thankful for all that she does for us. I hope that I will be as good of mom as she has been to me!

Jacob with his sweet parents! They planned the best Rehearsal Dinner Party Ever! We had so much fun. Some had so much fun, they hardly made it through through the wedding! They have been so great to us and we are so Thankful for all that they do for us!

A cute picture of the flower girls peaking out the window. It's amazing how much they have grown up since this day! I will never forget when the wedding party had left to go in the sanctuary and all that I was doing to keep those girls in the room with me! I was singing and dancing and trying my best to hold them off.

We're Married!!

The Beautiful Wedding Party!

Jacob's Dad, Brothers (Adam and Ryan) were his BestMen! My friend's Mandy and Leslie were my Matron and Maid of Honor

I just love this picture of Adam walking the flower girls out.

My Aunt Vicki and Uncle Gary. My uncle escorted me down the isle. Don't they just look beautiful. They have been like my second set of parents always doing so much for me! I hope they know how much I appreciate all that they have done for me! Now they not only enjoy spoiling me but spoiling Crawford!

The Elrod's
Jacob's parents and brothers (Adam & Ryan)

On the way to the reception. This is one of the pictures that made it in the "Knot" magazine and several others.

Introducing Mr. & Mrs.

The most wonderful Cake from Ketchie Creek!

Here is to many many more years of happiness, laughter, love and what all life brings us.

I love you more each day, more than yesterday, less than tomorrow!

(Not sure where the quote comes from but I like it! )

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