Monday, January 19, 2009

16 Months Old

Crawford is 16 Months! Wow! Where does the time go??
He is into everything, starting to talk more, running all over the place and keeping us on our toes!!
Unfortunately Crawford was sick all last week. Between his Molars, Cold, Ears and losing his voice...Crawford was pitiful! I do not remember a harder week with him. At times it seemed like nothing could make him happy or us! It is the worst feeling in the world to see your baby so unhappy and to not be able to do anything. For me the hardest part was trying to figure out what was bothering him. After 3 trips to the doctor, I finally felt better with the last appointment which for me was a 2nd opinion from the first doctor who I was very disappointed with. Our favorite doctor, Dr. Erikson is out on bed rest. She is due next month. I have never questioned anything she has ever said about Crawford and trust Crawford in her hands! When I found out she was out I was so upset. It is the worst feeling in the world to take your child to a doctor and leave more confused of whats wrong than when you went. After a week of a fever, crying, no eating, we still never really figured out what was wrong other than a virus and two molars about to break through any day! At any rate he slept through the night last night and I am hoping he sleeps through tonight! We are so THANKFUL to Grammy for keeping Crawford last week while he was sick. I know he enjoyed it!!
16 Facts about Crawford at 16 Months
1. He LOVES to play chase. He will run up behind me and grab me and then run off waiting for me to chase him.
2. He LOVES to take things in and out of anything! He cleans up so well which I think I owe his teachers at daycare for. All I have to say is, "lets clean up", and he jumps up and puts everything away. He does immediately start to take things back out as soon as he cleans up.
3. He LOVES his Blanket. I am currently trying to figure out a good time to wash it!
4. He LOVES playing and teasing Molly. He will stand at the door every night watching her and when we let her in he runs up to her and puts his fingers right into her eyes! She doesn't move but it still scares me!
5. He LOVES to climb. He tries to climb on almost every piece of furniture we have. He likes for me to stack all of our pillows from our bed up and he will climb all over them. He loves the fact that he can now climb up on the couch and on his chair in his room. He acts like he is king of the world when he gets up there.
6. He LOVES to give kisses and hugs.
7. He says bye all of the time but has different reasons for why he says it. Sometimes it's because you are leaving and he recognizes it because someone is putting on a jacket or is close to the door, but other times it is because he is scared or is ready to see you leave. It's so funny. Sorry, don't get your feelings hurt if he tells you bye and your not ready to leave. He told me bye a lot today and I was no where near leaving!!
8. He LOVES playing with blocks, he will build them up and loves to tear them back down.
9. He LOVES to help me do the laundry and load the dishwasher. (Basically he loves to open and shut the dryer and dishwasher).
10. He has a recent interest in the toilet. (not potty training) Yuck!! I know! We are working on this and making sure we keep the lid down!
11. He is starting to count. :-) When I say one he says two and I think I heard him say three today. I have been trying to get him to say one but he just laughs at me.
12. He LOVES to be outside. If we tell him we are going outside he will run to find his coat and meet us at the door. Sometimes he will stand at the door crying if we are taking to long.
13. He LOVES to take a bath. Only bad thing is he tries to drink the water! But he does love the bath and playing with his bath toys!
14. He LOVES Blues Clues and his daddy is not such a big fan of it! We actually both love the show because if it wasn't for Steve and his dog we would not be able to get ready for work in the mornings. Jacob can sing ever song on the show to Crawford. I should get it on tape one day. It's really funny! :-) Crawford can be anywhere in the house and if he hears the show he will run to the TV to see it.
15. He loves Books. He hands books to me and says Thank you! I think I have confused him with the Thank yous but I am still thrilled that with his short list of vocabulary that word is on it! He can also sign Please! Thanks to Ms. Dorothy and Ms. Lena for teaching him manners!
16. We love this age. He is so much fun. Each month seems to bring a little bit more fun! It's so much fun and rewarding to see him learning and developing his personality! We can't wait to see what 17 months bring!!
Below are a few recent pictures.

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