Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Birthday Date with Mommy and Daddy!

Crawford's Birthday was today. Jacob took off work and we dropped Caroline off with Nana so we could spend a special day with Just Crawford.

We headed to build a bear! Crawford quickly picked out a bear and named him Monkey! Not sure why b/c it really makes things confusing when you ask him for Bear he say's no his name is Monkey but if you say Where's your Monkey he says...no it's a Bear!!! I give up!!

He had a great time stuffing the bear..putting a heart in and giving him a bath! He must have gave Monkey a bath a million times....

Then it was time to dress him....It was between Buzz and a Football player...the football player won...

We made a birth certificate and then went off to lunch... By the time we got home we had already lost the Bear named Monkey's Football!













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The Presnell's said...

That's too funny! Skylar has a lion that he got from the doctor when he had tubes put in and he calls it monkey.... So, of course I have tell the daycare teachers this, so they don't think that he just can't tell the difference between the two, lol! So cute about build a bear. I keep forgetting about that place. My nephew and niece loved making bears there. We will have to make a bear there soon! Love the pictures!

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