Sunday, June 20, 2010

Baby Dedication

Caroline's Baby Dedication was on June 20th. She did great and looked beautiful wearing the dress I wore when I was Christened.

We had our family over for lunch afterwards! I tried to take pictures of everyone but it was near impossible! is so much crazier with two!!! But I am loving every minute of it!!

Our Now Family of Four!!!

Caroline Dedication bw.jpg

Caroline wearing my dress. You couldn't tell it was 30 Years old. It looked brand new!

Caroline Dedication.jpg

The Cake.......after the lunch I was so tired...we all took naps!!!! After we woke up I was still on the couch and Crawford asked if he could have a piece of Cake. I said after dinner. I watched a little TV and got up to go into the kitchen a good 30 minutes later...thinking Crawford was playing in his play room.....there was only cake icing on the cake.....he licked it all off!!!!

Guess he told me......

needless to say he was HYPER!!!!


Angie and Caroline!! I think she needs one more!!!


Uncle Adam and Meredith


Nana and Pop Pop




So Sweet!!! Crawford sure does love Caroline....even though he did tell me to put her in the cage the other night...I think he got that off of Toy Story and seeing the toys in the cage!!


Caroline and Crawford.jpg


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