Thursday, February 14, 2008

5 Months Old

1 year ago this week, Jacob and I found out we were pregnant with Crawford! It seems like it was just yesterday and today he is 5 months old. It is so amazing how fast they grow.

Here are 10 facts about Crawford

1. He has mastered rolling from his stomach to his back but not from his back to his stomach. This has started causing problems b/c in the middle of the night he rolls over and it wakes him up. He refuses to go back to sleep, so I flip him over and he falls right back to sleep.
2. He loves talking. He looks and sounds like he has something really important to tell us! He raises his eyebrows and makes the funniest expressions.
3. He loves greenbeans and carrots and could live without peas and squash.
4. He loves his Jumperoo and excersaucer. He has mastered jumping. Jacob and I love it as much as he does because it allows us to eat dinner together.
5. He smiles all of the time and has started laughing. He is such a Happy Baby!
6. He sucks his thumb.
7. He tries to eat anything he can get his hands on including his hands, sometimes, both a the same time.
8. So far he does not have any teeth but I think they could come any time now
9. He knows how to yell!
10. He loves to stand and he will stomp his right leg like it's going to help him get somewhere! Before long he will be on the go!

I'll post some new pictures this weekend!

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