Sunday, October 19, 2008

Halloween Preview

We had a great weekend. It was another nice weekend that we were able to just relax and spend together.
On Friday when I picked up Crawford from school a little boy came up to him and said bye. Crawford looked right at him waved and said bye! I about feel over. They both seemed so grown up and so cute!! Friday night we went to the Bennett's house and had a great dinner to celebrate Taylor's birthday! Crawford had so much fun and stayed up until 9:30. He did so good. He was asleep before we left the neighborhood.
On Saturday we went to Jymboree. Jacob got to go with us for the first time. He usually is off doing something but lucky for us he was free. I have never been without at least a few dads there. So I have been telling Jacob the next time we went I really wanted him to go. Well wouldn't you know not one dad showed up on Saturday and I don't think Jacob believes me that dads go! It was so funny! Especially during the singing and puppet time! :-) Crawford was glad his dad could come see how great he does and how much he loves it. At puppet time, the puppet always kisses each child. I think Crawford is the only one who actually kisses it back! This past time he reached for the puppet and hugged it. It was so cute. I know Jacob was a proud daddy and glad he could be there to witness it!
Crawford is now 13 months and is wallking...talking....dancing...and more. His favorite word to say is bye! He told me bye at least 10 times today and I was not leaving. I wonder if he is trying to tell me something! :-) He has also learned to say More (he says Mah). He will point at what he wants and say "Mah". Crawford is a dancing machine. When any music comes on he starts dancing and he gets faster and faster. I can already tell he dances like his daddy!! As always he continues to keep us laughing!! He is the most precious little boy and we are so thankful to have him in our life!
Below are a few pictures from the weekend.
Today I went to the store, when I came back Crawford was in his toy basket. Jacob said he liked it. I am not sure if Crawford told him he liked it or if Jacob just liked him in it since Jacob was following him all over the house today. He was into everything and I was cleaning. We built a fort around Crawford with all of his big toys and put the little ones in side. He broke through the fort in about 2 seconds! Notice Jacob's hand in hte picture just in case Crawford decides to tip over!

Crawford loves to play with toliet paper. This is how I found him this morning. I knew he was playing with it while I was getting ready. I know it's probably not the best thing to let him play with but when you are running late you will do about anything. I turned around and he had it wrapped around him. I could not help but laugh. The even funnier thing is his pajama's. The are too big and his feet are not even in the feet.

Our little Giraffe
A little preview of Halloween.

Could not help but include a back side picture!! Too Cute!!

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