Saturday, October 11, 2008

Someone is walking

It was race weekend this weekend, so Jacob was in Charlotte! Mimi came to visit Crawford and I and we had a great visit! We went to Old Salem to walk around and take a few pictures. The weather was beautiful and Crawford felt like doing a little walking! He is still a little shaky and only takes about 5 steps at a time but he is getting the hang of it!
If you know Jacob you know he wears a hat all of the time. Well I guess Crawford has picked up on it. Our friend Tyler gave him a Boston Hat for his birthday and he loves it. He picks it up and puts it on all by himself. It's so cute.
Crawford's appetite has really picked up these days. He is eating much a better variety than he used to. Still not to excited about veggies but we tricked him this weekend by putting it in his bread. We made Spinach Corn Bread (Thanks Maggie!!) He loves bread and he had no idea that the spinach was there. He loved it! He also had a Turkey Dog this weekend for the first time! I have been trying to get him to eat one(probably not the healthiest choice of foods) but I am trying to come up with new things. He usually just looks at it and then tosses it on the floor but he decided to eat it and actually loved it.
Below are a few pictures from Saturday!

You caught me Mommy!
Not sure what he was up to but he was surprised to see me!

He's Walking

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