Tuesday, February 2, 2010


We ....well I am so over the snow! It just makes such a mess...and I just don't have time to be trapped inside the house! Schools are delayed and Molly can't really be outside ....and...well I just wish the sun would come out and melt it all!! But as of now it looks like we will be getting more later this week and it's really out of my control...so I guess I should sit back and rest and enjoy it!!!

Below are a few pictures from this weekend. Crawford loves the snow. He loves it so much he does not want to come in. We have to think of a million reasons why until somehow he turns it into his idea to come in and then we can come in without a tantrum!! It's fun to watch him. He went sledding with Uncle Adam this weekend (pictures to come). He loved throw snow balls at daddy and even though I begged him to do snow angels he just looked up at me like I was crazy for thinking he was going to lay down in the snow and said "no Mama"!

Crawford Snow 28 Months

My baby's sweet feet at 28 months!

Crawford Feet at 28 Months

Train Crazy!!
We are a little Train crazy at our house...well actually Jacob and Crawford are! Crawford has Jacob trained just right! These are not even 1/2 of the trains..I didn't even know they made so many! No real reason for posting the picture except...I wanted to. :-)

Train Crazy

Hopefully I am going to get caught up on the blog soon...still need to post my birthday pictures!

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Larissa said...

Aaaw those little feet are just too cute!!

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