Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day

What a wonderful Mother's Day weekend! We had a great day being lazy and spending time with our Mom's. We are both so Thankful for all that our mom's do for us and our children! I am so Thankful to be a mom to two Beautiful Children! There is no better feeling than being a mommy! I feel so blessed!

Caroline was due on Mother's Day! and I am so glad she decided to come early!!

Crawford, Caroline, Mimi and Me

Crawford, Caroline, Nana and Jacob

Thanks Mimi and Nana for all that you do!
We love you!!


Larissa said...

Aaw, your first Mother's Day as a mother of two! How wonderful!

Crawford is such a cutie and Carolina is so preciouss!

Summer, Justin, Blake, and Sutton said...

Loooove that picture of Caroline! She is gorgeous!!!

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