Monday, October 11, 2010

Caroline turned 5 months old on 9.26...but as you can see I am so far behind!!!


Sweet Caroline 5 Months old and such a joy to be around! She is such a sweet baby!

She has found her feet and loves to get them in her mouth...along with anything else she can get her hands on! She loves to talk and laughs if you say boo or throw her in the air!

She gets very mad and starts screaming if anyone is playing rough with's so sweet. It's like she is being protective over him. Jacob said it should be the other way around...Crawford should be watching after her! Oh how he does! He loves her so much!

Her favorite toys are Sophie and her taggie blanket.

She is eating Stage One baby food and loves it! She eyes solid foods ...I think she really wants a cheeseburger!! It want be long! Gosh time goes so fast!!!


She is sitting up...she still falls over so I wouldn't dare leave her alone yet sitting but she is well on her way!!!


5 Months.jpg


5 Months Old.jpg

1 comment:

Summer, Justin, Blake, and Sutton said...

She is GORGEOUS and I loooove that picture in the hat!!!

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