Tuesday, March 15, 2011

10 Month's....Say it's not So

Well the Baby of our family is about to be a toddler and I can hardly believe it! she is almost 11 Months so I thought I should squeeze this 10 Month post because in 1 week she is 11 Months!!!


Where do I start!

She is growing by leaps and bounds....not sure her exact weight but I am guessing around 17 or 18 lbs. now!

In Size 3 Diapers

Eats as if she is a three year old! She actually eats much better than Crawford does now!

If she could eat a Cheesburger whole she would! If she is close to my plate she will take my food right off my plate! She does not want to be feed anything! She is very independent!

I feel like I am a professional food chopper these days! Chopping three times a day!

Her favorite thing to do is take a Bath! I can't wait to take her swimming this year! If I even walk into the bathroom with her she starts squealing with excitement and tries to wiggle out of my arms into the tub!

She is a Dancer! As soon as we turn on music or even say the word dancing...she starts dancing!

She gives the sweetest kisses

She signs more! and gets faster and faster the longer I take to get her More!

She has two bottom teeth and is working on her top ones!

She can hold up 1 finger when you ask her how old she is. That's her newest trick! (she makes me proud)!

She is walking around furniture and from one piece to the next!

She LOVES to Swing at the Park! On Sunday she fell asleep in the swing! I wish I would have had my camera!

She has mastered the stairs. Not excited about this at all!

She loves Clapping to If your Happy and You no it and Patty Cake!

She loves to play Peek a boo! If she is waring a dress she pulls up her dress and it is so cute!! Maybe not when she is 16 but it's cute now!

She still loves Dolls! but she also loves Crawford's Cars! Which has become a problem! He still doesn't know that she left one of his trucks at my friend Kristen's house! :-) of all the toys she grabbed in the car to play with, it was his Cars Mac Truck and we left it! It has WAY to many toys so he doesn't know it's missing!

I don't think she has added any new words since last month, I'll update if I think of any.

She gets so excited when Jacob gets home each afternoon. I think she a Daddy's girl for sure!!!

DSC 5052


10 1 2 Months

DSC 5041

DSC 4737

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