Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I am involved in a local MOPS (Mother's of Preschoolers) group here in Winston and LOVE it!

I am not sure how I could do without it and I would recommend it to anyone that is able to be part of one!

I have learned so much about myself and being a mom and met some wonderful girls!

I learned early on with Crawford that there was nothing better than getting to compare notes with my friends on raising a child! I have certain friends I talk to daily and there is not a day go by that I am not asking...does your child do this...what do you do when they do that? What type of food should I be feeding....etc! I am not sure what I would do without all of my friends to give encouragement and advice!

So being part of this group has given me even more resources to learn all kinds of things and has allowed me to meet some really great friends!

I look forward to each meeting we have and even though getting both kids ready and out the door in time to get there is sometimes a challenge; when I finally drop them off in the nursery and sit down with these lovely ladies and get to eat...talk and learn it is completely worth the morning challenges!!

I have learned about Contentment! which I must say is So hard for me! It's hard for me to just be content and not constantly worrying if my house is clean....or something needs to be done! Just to be content in the moment with my Children! I can clean when my children are older and want nothing to do with me! :-) Easier said than done but I am trying! Don't get me wrong...my house is always a mess but I am always worrying about it and trying to clean rather than sometimes just being Content with the mess and let it go and just enjoy these priceless moments I have with my children!!

I have learned so much about faith and parenting!

I have learned that I am not the only one in the world going through a 3 year old who thinks he is 16 and a dramatic 10 month old teething and wanting to be held!

Today we were talking about scripture and I jotted down a few books for children that people were recommending and thought I would share!

I ordered them on Amazon and am excited they will be at my door tomorrow!!! Love Amazon Prime which is free overnight shipping; some program...that has been completely free to me! That's another post but I do have wipes arriving with the books tomorrow that were absolutely FREE! Yay for me or should I say Caroline!



I am a blog stalker! I love reading blogs...I actually read ALOT more when I worked! Ha..Ha.. Go Figure!

Anyway...I don't read nearly as much these days but one that I have always kept on my list to check is Kelly's Korner!

She is just such an inspiration and I love reading it!

Her blog today kind of related to My MOPS session which was ironic to me that I just happened upon her page today.

She recommended a book and I thought it was great enough to share even though I haven't read it yet! I did order it on amazon to be delivered to my door tomorrow! So I'll let you know how it is! I plan to start it tomorrow! Especially since I finished Heaven is for Real which I totally recommend!!!


You can view a little bit about the author below.

"Don't Make Me Come Up There" Blog Tour Promo from Derek Harvey on Vimeo.

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