Monday, April 28, 2008


Crawford can now saw the three words MaMa...DaDa...BaBa.. In no particular order. If we do not pay him attention he will start screaming and talking but the minute we turn around and look at him he stops. He has long in depth conversations with Molly usually saying BaBa a million times. He usually says Mama when he is really sleepy or is crying (go figure, I think his daddy taught him that) He is getting good at saying Da.Da. Not sure where he learned to scream but if you tell him No he just starts laughing! I can't imagine what our next restaurant experience will be like.

Here are 7 Fun Facts About Crawford
1. He can sit up
2. He is become really Vocal
3. He will be crawling anytime, for now he uses rolling to get where he needs to go
4. He still does not have any teeth but I am pretty sure they are well on there way
5. He loves bath time now that he can get in the Big Tub!
6. He is very afraid of loud noises
7. He is the best baby ever!!!!!!

Jacob, Crawford and I took a trip to Concord Mills on Saturday. I know it is hard to believe but yes Jacob did go! We all needed clothes, well Crawford of course did not need any but we both managed to get him a few outfits while we were there. Of Course, I go for Polo and his daddy goes for Bass Pro outfits. Crawford left with more outfits than we did. So of course Crawford has a stinky diaper while we are there and of course yours truly is the one that changes it. Well Crawford is really afraid of loud noises these days. He must have really sensitive ears! I had no idea the toilet flushing would send him overboard but it did! First of all, I hate changing him in public places b/c they usually are just so gross. Rather than go all the way to the car I decided it would be OK to change him in Bass Pro Shops b/c there bathrooms seem pretty nice. This was before I knew Crawford was afraid of the toilet flushing! So we go to change his diaper and I get him all situated! By the way, he is in to trying to turn over while I change his diaper which is just horrible when you have him on one of those changing tables. So while I am changing this stinky diaper there are at least 5 women in the bath room and they all must have flushed at the same time. Crawford starts shaking and screaming as loud as he can while still trying to turn over, which was making it impossible to change is diaper not to mention I was paranoid he was going to be covered in poop. Then to top things off someone decided to come into the stall right beside the changing table and take care of business. This sent me over the top and I could not keep the laughter in. Lets just say it was not very quiet. I know that it is completely natural but I myself like a little privacy and would never have chose to get in a stall right next to where people are standing. Let's just say this was the longest and worst diaper change! It's Jacob's turn next time. He said there are not changing stations in Men's restrooms. I don't believe him! Nice Try Jacob!

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