Monday, April 7, 2008

We had a great weekend! Crawford had his first trip to South Park Mall. He loved it. We met Jennifer and her mom and Kelly for lunch at the Cheese Cake Factory. He was so good! It was great catching up. We will all be together soon for Jennifer's wedding in a few weeks! We had a great day but were very tired when we got home.

Crawford can now say his m's very well. So now when he cries or is tired it sounds like he is saying mama. I know he probably has no idea what he is saying but it still feels great to hear him say it. I heard him say it on Saturday night, but was not positive. Then on Sunday while I was at the store, Jacob heard him say it several times. He is still not sitting up, he is close but still falls over after a few seconds. He travels these days by rolling. He rolls clear across the room in no time! We can't take our eyes off of him for a second.

Crawford has so many toys but we always end up playing with the same ones, so I empty his toy basket down stairs so he could see all that he had. He seemed a little overwhelmed. He wanted to hold all of them at once or should I say he wanted to put all of them in his mouth at once.

Below are some pictures from this weekend!

He can't decide what toy to play with
Talking on the phone to Mimi
All Strapped in

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