Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Weekend to Rest

Believe it or not I did not take any pictures this weekend. Crawford has a horrible cold and did not feel well all weekend so we just stayed in and relaxed. Since it rained all weekend, it was a great weekend for us all to get some rest! Crawford is 6 1/2 months old going on 1 fast. He is still not sitting up on his own but he is rocking back and forth on all four! I guess if he crawls before he walks he probably will never sit up. :-) He still does not have any teeth. I think I spot one coming in but he only lets me look and feel for a few seconds so I am not positive. He sure acts like something is bothering him so I think it has to be a tooth coming in.
Since I didn't take any pictures this weekend, below are some more cute Easter ones.
Check this link out for his Easter Pictures taken by Paul.

Happy Easter
I am going to get that Duck
Got Him
Take That!

1 comment:

The Schwant Family said...

he is SO cute!! Jack got that chicken from the Easter Bunny too!

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