Monday, December 13, 2010

Fun PhotoShoot

So most who read this probably know that I am loving photography! I recently did a one on one workshop with Katy Cook in Marion!

She is a great Photographer! She offered to take pictures of Caroline and let me bring my Camera along! I had Crawford's pictures taken at the same age so I wanted some of just her and of course him with her!

I didn't pull my camera out until the end b/c well anyone who takes there kids to get pictures done knows how stressful it is just making sure they are acting right!! Thankfully my mom went along and helped to keep Crawford entertained... See picture below as to why he needed to be entertained!! :-) (as he pulls her hat off, throws it in the corner and then attempts to sit on her head) One day she will pay him back!!!!

So I took a few pictures and below are some of them....I haven't finished going through them yet but wanted to post what I had.

Katy took some great ones and I can't wait to see the rest of what she captured!



Katy at work



My Sweet Girl....loving the camera!!

caroline with Katy.jpg


I love this!!!!



I wish I would have been straight in front of her for this one...but Katy was and she got an awesome picture!!!



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