Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Silent Night

The Holiday season has come in with our first snow! We are full force into the hustle and bustle of trying to get all the decorations up and presents bought and wrapped. Of Course I have not even done 1/2 of my shopping...I have never been one to get it done early..I wish I was!! Ever since I have had Caroline I am even more behind on things! My mom came down this weekend and finally helped me get the decorating done! We were on the go the entire time buying this and getting that...barely even resting for a minute before going somewhere else.....I remember growing up....it just didn't seemed so rushed...maybe it was that our parents just took care of it and kids just don't notice the rush or have things changed?? In my MOPS group today we listened to a song by Amy Grant called "i need a silent night", and it really hit home to me! I feel as if we get so wrapped up on all the things that need to be done that we loose the meaning of Christmas and what we are celebrating! I want to make sure that I instill in Crawford and Caroline the true meaning of Christmas. That I stop and soak it in! I want to celebrate and start traditions with my family. This year were making a Birthday Cake for Jesus. Crawford is so excited. He talks about it all the time. While I was reading him a Christmas book tonight he said "Mommy do you remember that Christmas is Jesus birthday?", in the sweetest voice. Yes, I do I said....and I continued reading...a few minutes later he repeats....Mommy, Christmas is Jesus Birthday! He just melts my heart! Tomorrow we are going to see the live Nativity Scene at a church near by. We bought the little people nativity scene and he loves playing with it!

So this year....I didn't get that perfect Christmas Picture for the Card....or a perfect picture with Santa....but I will still be sending it out....my packages may not be perfectly wrapped or have a bow on them and I am going to try to not worry about the 15 ornaments Crawford put on one branch but I am more importantly starting traditions.....slowing down and enjoying the reason we celebrate Christmas and am so excited to teach my Children about it!

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Caroline's First Snow! Crawford so Excited to show her!


Crawford could not wait to decorate the tree....he begged and begged us to get it up!






Caroline not to Happy to meet Santa Clause....I however thought he was a lovely Santa!!



Crawford ran up to Santa first thing and told him what he wanted before i could even get my camera out of the bag and then wanted nothing to do with him when I did get my camera !

I really didn't think caroline would get so upset this year!



Neal & Jennifer Humphrey said...

My favorite post! Because of this post I am not going to do the straightening up tonight that I planned. Instead, I'm going to lay on the playmat with my little angel.

Love ya'!

Mandy said...

So true! I couldn't agree with you more! We had a birthday party for Jesus last year and plan to do it again this year. It was so sweet to hear Ella sing Happy Birthday to Jesus!

Emily and Jacob said...

:-) Jennifer....I have stopped cleaning or doing things so many times this season and just played with my babies...they grow up so fast....Our house will be clean and straight one day and we will be wishing it was a MESS and there were Kids running around!! :-)

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