Sunday, October 18, 2009


We went to the fair a few weeks ago! Crawford had a great time enjoying the food, animals and a few rides. I swore I was not going to let him ride the rides for fear of all the germs and with no flu shot I didn’t want to risk getting germs. However once Crawford saw the rides….it was ride or witness the biggest melt down ever! So we loaded him up with Hand Sanitizer after every ride! Luckily he didn’t get sick and it’s 2 weeks later!

Crawford enjoying a Corn Dog! He loved it! I was surprised because he is so picky! 


A pony ride with Daddy!


and of course the big slide that we had to go down over and over!


Family picture in front of some really big horses…too bad you can’t see them in the picture because they were huge!


Nana, Crawford, Jacob and Pop Pop


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