Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A little Update

I have been a little behind in blogging due to the two year old that keeps me on my toes and the baby inside me that keeps me tired! Things seem to be so busy right now! We are on to the 2nd trimester and I hoping with that brings an end to headaches and sickness! My stomach is growing by the day! Wow! The 2nd one sure does show a lot faster! I remember with Crawford I could not get into Maternity Clothes fast enough…now I cannot believe how fast I am needing them! Not complaining! I am so Thankful for the little baby growing inside me that I can deal with all that comes with it!

Don’t forget to vote for what you think we are having! We have decided on names! We should find out in December what we are having. Our girls name is Caroline Elizabeth and Boys name is Coltin Gray! We are so excited and pray that everything continues to go great with the pregnancy.

I asked Crawford this morning if he wanted a baby brother or sister this morning and he said “NO”. I think he will change his mind when he understands a little more!

He is 25 Months old this month and continues to keep us laughing! Saying the funniest things and keeping us on our toes! I love this age! Everyday is so rewarding! At times trying but much more rewarding than trying!

More updates to come soon! Happy Halloween!


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