Sunday, October 4, 2009

We love Fall!

I love fall and was so excited to take Crawford to the pumpkin patch on Saturday morning. We met Meredith and Emily Grace. We had a great time watching them run around in amazement of all of the pumpkins! I plan on visiting the pumpkin patch several more times before Halloween! I just love it there and so does Crawford! What a great place to go burn some of that 2 year old energy he has!!

Crawford Pumpkin Patch5

Notice his hand (I love you sign). I don’t think he did this on purpose! I didn’t even realize he did it until I was looking through my pictures! When we first got to the pumpkin patch I sat him on a pumpkin and said say cheese. Next thing I knew he was running to every pumpkin and looking at me waiting for me to take a picture! He is so funny!

Crawford Pumpkin Patch1 

Hi Mommy!

Crawford Pumpkin Patch2 

Picking out my Pumpkin!

Crawford Pumpkin Patch3 Crawford Pumpkin Patch4 

Getting a hug from Sweet Emily Grace!

Emily Grace & Crawford at Pumpkin Patch

Emily Grace posing for the Camera!

Emily Grace Pumpkin Patch 09 POP Emily Grace Pumpkin Patch 09 #2 POP


After Crawford’s nap we went to Grammy actually now it is Nana and Pop Pop’s house to see the neigh’s! Crawford has decided he wants to call Jacob’s mom Nana which works for Nancy, she is just happy he is calling her! :-), I will try to capture it on video this week!


Crawford looking at the horses or neigh as he calls them.

Crawford with Horse 3

Feeding them! This is one of Crawford’s favorite things to do at Nana and Pop Pop’s house!

Crawford with Horse 4

It’s hard to believe that up until a few weeks ago Crawford was so afraid of his rocking horse that made noises and now he is standing up close to these horses and is not one bit scared! He is feeding Jacob’s horse in the picture below.

Crawford with Horse 1 Crawford with Horse 2    

Look for more updates this week! I have lots of pictures! We went to the fair tonight and I took a lot of other pictures over the weekend. Hope to have them all up by Wednesday!

Oh Yeah….Crawford is adjusting well to the big boy bed! Well actually right now it’s just a mattress until we get a bed set up! He is sleeping through the night, still waking up early in the morning but not in the middle of the night! He was not sad to see the crib go! He told it bye as we carried it out of his room! Stay tuned for more updates this week! 

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