Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hagen’s 2nd Birthday

Crawford’s friend Hagen’s 2nd birthday was last weekend. I am a little behind! It was the cutest party ever! A Pirate theme! Hagen’s mom and dad are very creative and made so many cute things for the party including the pirate ship below that was in their living room made out of boxes! It was a big hit at the party and super cute! Crawford and Hagen are in the same class at school. They have so much fun playing together. They are so funny to watch! I have enjoyed getting to know Hagen’s Mom Melissa and watching the boys have fun together! Ship

Below are the super cute cupcake’s that Melissa (Hagen’s mom) made! She did such a great job!!


Every Pirate needs:

Hagen Party2

More Cute decorations!

Hagen's Party

Nothing makes Crawford happier than a card board box especially when it’s a ship also!!

Crawford Having fun

The rain didn’t stop the kids from playing out side. Hagen’s Dad put a huge tarp over the play set so they could still enjoy it!

crawford at hagen's partyHagen

Hagen and Crawford up top!


Crawford just found a treasure!

C found a treasure

Treasure hunt in a pool of peanuts which looked really cute but ended up making a HUGE mess! :-) The kids sure did have fun though!

looking for treasures

Swimming in peanuts!

Crawford Swiming in Peanuts

Birthday Boy blowing out his Candle!

Hagen Blowing out Candle

Happy Birthday Hagen. We had so much fun!

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