Tuesday, September 16, 2008

1 Year Checkup

Today Crawford had his 1 year checkup! He did great! I went to school to pick him up and they were celebrating Jamison's birthday. She has the same birthday as Crawford. She had pink and brown cupcakes that were precious. Guess what color Crawford got? Brown! Guess what color shirt he was wearing? White! I wish I would have taken a picture b/c he looked so cute but so grown up! Blue Jeans/White Polo and his new keds! Well, when I picked him up he had managed to get the Brown Icing everywhere the bib did not cover! He was covered! I guess that is what I get for sending him to school in a white polo. :-) Once we get to the doctors office the sugar had kicked in. He had everyone's attention that was in the waiting room. He was throwing his ball at them and climbing all over everything. Everyone seemed to think he was so funny, I was personally worn out from following him all over the place! Dr. Erickson said Crawford looked great and his ears were great, which was a big relief!

Crawford's Stats at 1 Year old
20lbs 6oz
29 1/2 Inches long
Head 19 Inches
He is between the 15th and 20 Percentile for Weight and 50th for Length and Head
5 Teeth and 1 Coming in

Gets around
Speed Crawler, he is testing the walking thing but has not mastered it.

Climber - We learned tonight that he can climb to the top of our stairs with no help! Yes we turned our heads for 1 second and he was gone. We found him 3 steps up. Guess it's time for the gate!


He waves bye bye...usually he waves to himself but occasionally to the person leaving
Gives High Five and Low Five :-)
He can blow kisses
Dances to any music that comes on
He loves to throw his ball. He can actually through it really good. Daddy is really proud.
His Favorite Things to Do:
Ride in his Wagon
Play Ball
Ride in his Red Car at Grammy and Papa's
Climb the Stairs
Watch Molly

How our lives have Changed in 1 Year
It's amazing how much a child will change your life. Crawford has changed our lives in so many ways. Here are just a few.
Crawford has brought so much happiness to us. There is not a day that goes by that we do not laugh at him. He brings a smile to every ones face! Even when we are upset with him for doing something we so kindly said NO to. He just looks at us and grins and we have to bit our lip to keep from smiling.
It's amazing how much we worry about our little ones. Calling the doctors office for the littlest things. I think every nurse knows us by our voice.
I don't really sing, and if I do, I know it sounds horrible, but it seems to soothe Crawford so I do it. In the car it's no big deal to me. It keeps him quiet and makes him laugh but at night time, I make Jacob turn the monitors off so he doesn't here me throughout the house.
We dance for Crawford, Jacob did tonight. It was horrible but Crawford loved him and it kept him entertained until I could get his dinner ready. I am going to have to get it on video. It's hilarious.
I never thought I would wipe a runny nose with my hand and then wipe it on my pants but when your in public with nothing to wipe with, a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do!
Crying kids in restaurants have never really bothered me. But I now have greater respect for parents with kids in a restaurant and how stressful it can be trying to keep your child happy and have a good meal while letting everyone else enjoy their meal as well.
Germs - It's amazing how in the beginning you are so paranoid of germs. Or at least I was and Jacob still is. It's amazing what a screaming baby in public will make you do. The first few visits to the doctors office I held Crawford in my lap and would not let him even touch the chair for fear that he would get germs. The last few times he wanted nothing to do with sitting in my lap and it about killed me as I watched him touch chairs and the kids table. Luckily he did not leave with an illness.
It is so truly amazing to watch our little boy grow and learn each day. He is truly a gift from God. We are so blessed to have him and very Thankful!
Someone told Jacob and I after Crawford was born "The Days go by slow and the Years go by Fast"!
How true. I cannot believe 1 Year has already passed.
Here's to the next Year. We can't wait to see what it brings!

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