Saturday, September 13, 2008

Crawford's 1st Birthday Party

The Big Party. Crawford was overwhelmed but he had so much fun. Everything turned out great. It was really really hot!!!

I will update this post with more details of the party but for now I have to go to sleep! I just knew everyone would want to see pictures and last week I was such a slacker b/c I had party stuff to do at night! I will update with all the details this week along with pictures from his actual birthday (Sunday the 14th) and our Beach Pictures!

Below are some party pictures!
Crawford with his presents

Sweet Taylor
Miss Ella
The Smash Cake
Crawford Digging In

Josh, Julie, Lauryn and Crawford
Josh did a Cannon Ball into the ball pit

Mommy and Crawford
Crawford and Lauryn Hugging
Taylor's Little Sister Caroline (3 Weeks Old)
Caleb and Ella
Lauryn and Crawford. I can tell they are going to be good friends.
Jayne - Lauryn's mom and I have been friends since elementry school and Crawford and Lauryn are now at the same daycare!

Crawford's Birthday Poster
Gifts for the Kids
(Balls b/c that is Crawford most favorite toy)

Party Decorations

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