Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lessons Learned

I know I have not finished his 1 Year update below but thought I should update you on how we are all doing. We went to Hickory this past weekend and had a great visit. On Friday we met my mom for dinner. While we were there i ordered a fruit cup for Crawford. I cut the fruit up really small like I always do. However, I guess I should not have given him a little piece of apple. He had never had it raw before. Always baked apples. I thought it would be fine however I guess it was not slick enough to slide down his throat. He started gasping for air. I immediately stuck my finger down his throat to get it out. I thought this was the first and right thing to do, however it only made matters worse. I guess I pushed it down further. By this point I was really panicking. I am so glad I was not alone! Mimi came to the rescue and was able to do the heimlich and get it out. The sound of his cry never sounded so good. All I could do was cry! I have never felt so helpless! Lesson Learned! Uncle Ryan needs to give me a refresher in CPR and First Aid.

Here is a good website I found:

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