Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Great Relaxing (well sort of) Weekend

This was our first weekend where we did not have a million things planned. Just a few things. And let me tell you it felt great!!! Our first Saturday in forever that we were kind of home well not really but it felt more like it than it has in a while. Jacob went to Charlotte for the morning to do his Nascar Experience Crawford and I gave him for Christmas. He loved it and I am so glad! Crawford and I went to Gymboree Gym and Learn and had a blast! Ok. I know it sounds like we were really not even home but we were in the afternoon. I have been wanting to do something with Crawford on Saturday's so that I can see how he interacts with other children and have some Mommy time with him. Since I work, sometimes it's hard to squeeze fun time in with him after dinner and before bath and bedtime. Being able to take him to Gymboree was so much fun and worth it! He did so good and I am proud to report that he did not steal one toy or push any kids. :-) Sometimes when I pick him up from school he is taking a kids toy away or bopping them on the head! I am thinking he is paying them back for something they did earlier in the day and that my child is not a bully! Saturday was Ryan's 30th birthday, so we made him a sign and went to visit him at the fire station.
I hope to finish Crawford's 1 Year post this week.

Below are some pictures from the weekend!

Crawford playing with his Leap Frog Fridge Toy that we all love. This gives us time to fix dinner.
These pictures are not that clear. It was hard trying to take pictures and make sure he didn't fall. He loved this thing. They would all line up together and push. It would roll and they would have to walk be hind it.

Crawford was pushing so hard all of the kids were falling but he was keeping up with it. After we had moved on the next activity he was screaming to go back to this. So I took him b/c everyone was looking at me. We will have to work on this!

Notice how he is the only one playing with it. Crawford loves balls. So he was amazed by these. Once again the rest of the class was at another activity!

Puppet Time
This picture is very dark but I had to share. I was so shocked that Crawford crawled up and sat with the instructor. I was again a little nervous of what he would do. I was picturing him grabbing the puppet from her hand but he just sat and watched.

Happy 30th Birthday Uncle Ryan! We hope it was a great one!!

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