Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ducks and Cats Oh My

On Sunday Jacob and I decided to take Crawford to the NC Zoo for a quick family visit. It's not often that we find a free weekend lately to do something as a family so we took advantage on Sunday. It was the perfect day to go to the zoo and since Crawford had a cold we skipped church to get an early start! We timed it perfect b/c it started raining as we were leaving. We learned last year that all of our favorite stuff was in Africa, so we decided to park in Africa and stay in Africa.

Below are a few pictures from our visit.

As Crawford would say here is the Duck we saw! As soon as we walked up he kept yelling Duck.

and as Crawford would say...her are the Cats!

Looking at the Cats!

Mommy and Crawford on Alligator

Elephants (mommy's favorite)

Daddy and Crawford Walking

This was our Zoo trip last year this time!

Sleeping half way through!

Mommy and Crawford

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