Sunday, April 19, 2009

Helping Daddy out with the Grass

We had a great weekend even though it was a sick one! You would never know by the pictures below that Crawford had a temperature of 104.2 the night before! Another Ear Infection and something viral as well! Poor Guy just can't catch a break. He is so used to his ears hurting that I think he thinks its normal. He no longer pulls at them so its hard for us to even know he has an infection! Hopefully Summer will bring the end to the ear infections!

Crawford mowing grass! He is such a big help to daddy!! He takes it very serious even turning all the knobs before he starts and when the bubbles come out he stops and shouts BUBBLES!!

Saturday night we went to Casey and Ryan's stock the shed party and had a great time! Crawford was all over the place! I have more pictures but for now couldn't leave out the one below in Pop Pop's cowboy hat!!

Stay tuned for a few more post when I find the time...we went to the Zoo today for a short trip! We had a great time. The NC zoo is about 30 minutes from us! So Convenient! We learned quickly after our trip last year that Africa was our favorite part. Since we were making it a quick trip we parked in Africa and stayed in Africa. Crawford saw ducks and cats!! I'll explain in the post hopefully later this week!

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