Thursday, April 2, 2009

Saying Prayers

Everynight we have the same routine and if we leave anything out Crawford reminds us!! Especially if 1 of the 3 books is left out! After we read the three books we have been saying our prayers. We say two and I always tell Crawford to fold his hands. Tonight when I said lets say our prayers he folded his hands all on his own and looked up at me and smiled. He kept them closed the entire time we prayed and then just as he does anytime he knows he has done something good....He clapped!! He just melts my heart!! I was so proud of him!
Oh yeah...this little moment made me forget about how he was kicking me earlier and I put him in timeout ....and he kept getting up and coming over and hugging me! He knows how to make my heart melt and give in!! But I didn't give in..I promise!! Well I sort of didn't give in! Next time I will not give in Crawford if you kick Mommy you have to go to timeout and it's not funny!!!
Hope everyone has a great weekend! I am going to miss my two favorite boys as I am off to the Beach with the girls! Can't wait to see what they get into!! I hope they take some pictures!!

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