Sunday, May 17, 2009

20 Months and Counting!

 Oh what fun has 20 months brought us! It’s brought a few more tantrums but for the most part it was brought many many laughs, hugs and kisses!

Crawford learns something new everyday. He is like a sponge soaking it all up and surprises us with all that he knows! We are so proud of him!

He is ALL BOY!  Below is a picture to prove it!

 Crawford in Puddle2  Crawford in Puddle3

Crawford loves playing out side on his 4-wheeler. He is as happy as can be as long as he is out side. He loves playing with his golf clubs, basketball, bubbles and Molly or (Maww as he calls her)!

He LOVES Books! He is constantly bringing us a book to read and already doesn’t like for us to skip a page!

The word No is his most frequent used word these days! Its not that exciting to us but it sure is to him and when we ask him something once and he says no, if we ask him again we get a stern NO! NO! with finger pointing! It was cute the first 100 times but not that much anymore!! For some reason he screams No but whispers Yes! I am not sure why!

He loves to cuddle!

Below Crawford is looking through the fence at Molly! He loves to come pet her through the fence and I think Molly likes for there to be a fence between them! Molly is not as crazy over Crawford as he is over her! Crawford chases her around the house trying to grab her tail! Crawford 20 months

Crawford brings a smile to everyone’s face! He has the best personality and is so much fun! The past 20 months has been the best ever and we look forward to the next!

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